Blocks manager bug?


i’ve been trying to set up a new store with this layout (v 2.0.15):

= home page in 3 columns (left column: categories, login - central column: welcome text - right column: news, banner);

= every other page except product details in 2 columns (left column: categories, login - central/right column: content eg.products list, search page, cms pages etc.);

= product details page in single column with product details.

the problem is that of course blocks need to have different width.

so i created new blocks tpl, new css and it works correctly looking at every single page, except that if i set up a tpl file (eg. for the categories list) called “sidebox_important.tpl” in the “Home page” tab in the block manager, and then i change it with another tpl called “sidebox_wide.tpl” in the “products” tab, it changes everywhere so i wont be able to use different templates for the same block on different pages.

Is this a block manager bug or is it made on purpose?:confused: