Blocks deleted after changing the skin for admin pages

Hi all,

Just one question about changing skins.

On my localhost (testing site) I added new skin and i named it “testing” as i want to make fresh look for our store.

After i Installed it I selected this new skin for customer and administration panel. Now this all looks ok.

However, when I changed the skin back to the default skin that I used before, I noticed that all locations (blocks) which I added to the default skin are gone. Only the ones that were there from the cart installation were visible. The ones I added were missing.

I restored the DB and everything was fine.

So my question is: After you create a new skin and select this new skin in skin selector, do all locations get deleted?

Im not sure exactly how this works…If someone could explain to me.


In my experience of V3, no, changing skins does not effect locations/grids/blocks. Usually custom skins are (or should!!) be supplied with an XML import file to allow you to import and over-write the existing locations and their relevent grids/blocks.

Which version are you using?

I thought so too, but after changing back to my default version that was used before all locations/block that I added when making my skin were missing.

Im using V3.03

I see nothing of relevence to this in the changelog for 3.0.4 nor 3.0.5, although I haven't experienced this issue at all in any version since 3.0.1. I just checked this in 3.0.5 and it most definitely does not touch the locations/grids/blocks when changing skins so I guess you have some other problem. Your custom skin wouldn't happen to be installed as an add-on, would it?

No, it's not installed as an addon.

I copied basic skin and rename it (skin_repository) then i select it from skin selector.

but after I change it back to the one i used before, locations were gone.

maybe i should copy the skin i used back to skin_repository to have all the files the same?

Ah, I see. Your custom skin must have a layouts.xml file in the root of the folder. When you select this skin for the first time, the layout.xml is imported and so the locations/grids/blocks change to the specified locations as set in layouts.xml.

If you do not want this to happen, either remove the layouts.xml file from /var/skin_repository/your_skin/ or export the locations before you select the new skin, then you can import this back-up to reset the locations back to default.

Once the custom skin is copied from /var/skin/repository/your_skin/ to /skins/your_skin/, the layout.xml file is no longer processed, and so, the locations only change on the initial skin selection.

ahh, thought so.

Will do that!

thank you for the answer.