Blocks / Column custimization question

Im pretty sure what Id like to do can be done via extensive CSS but because my CSS knowledge is limited Im hoping there is an easier way to do this.

In the image below #1 is my layout, the blue area is the central column (I do not have anything in the right column). What I would like to do is split up certain blocks in the central column (see #2). I did this with the red blocks (my flash banner) but it was done via a hard html insert as the block size will never change and the size of the header above it will never change.

What is the easiest way to go about doing this? Im sure its simple but Im having trouble wrapping my mind around it.

Is it simply not using a wrapper and using CSS to give it the appearance of 2 of 3 blocks inside the central column?

Which leads me to my 2nd question, if I wanted to make the small banner in my layout (the smaller red square) a block, is this possible via the blocks design panel or must I do it as Ive done it now and hard code it in place?

If there is anyone who has done this or can do this, I have a few $ in paypal for some help with this.

I believe this could be achieved with 3 custom wrappers. You’d need:

“Left Bookend” - contains an open DIV tag

“Book” - standard wrapper with Float added to the CSS to keep them from stacking

“Right Bookend” - contains the close DIV tag

This arrangement would allow you to build “bookshelves” with any number of “books”.

Sorry, but I can’t offer much more than that.


I just saw this post and I’m basically trying to see if it worked. yes/no ? Also with regards to custom wrappers do I just clone the wrappers in the blocks/wrappers folder ?

CS-Cart 2.1 solves this with the ability to specify block width.