Blocking Unwanted Messages


I installed addon. Captcha is not capable of stopping some spammers. We receive on average 40-60 emails per day from spammers. I changed the strength of captcha by making it more complicated and longer but we are still getting tons of unwanted email. Most of the emails follow this pattern:

[b][url=]movimiento de réplicas de relojes mecánicos suizos

So I went ahead and added the following code into app/addons/1clue_product_inquiry/controllers/common/product_inquiry.php

It had no effect what so ever on these spam messages. I'm trying to find out the right place to edit in the addon structure but I can't find any other place other then this. This is add-on specific question but I had similar issue with other addons. It is very difficult to spot where to edit in CS-Cart's addon directory logic.

I'd appreciate if anybody had any comment on this.


if(stripos($_REQUEST['inquiry_data']['notes'], “[b][url”) === false)


fn_set_notification('E', fn_get_lang_var('error'), fn_get_lang_var('error_no_recipient_address'));



Why you do not contact 1Clue team and ask them to fix the issue?

Already did. I was asking forum members if they had similar experience or maybe a solution for the situation. The captcha and image verification is not on the ball completely. We have been getting spam messages from contact us form.

I have the same issue & i want its solution. Can anyone help me?