Block - Shopping Categories - Multicolumn List - Uniform Size

On my home page I have a block with Categories in it that are set up as a multi-column list with manually selected content.

The result is that I have an image based list of categories but they are all different heights. Is there a way to force these to all be the same height? It would look much better.

Thanks for any help!

Although I cannot see the attachement you refer to , reading your post I think you should look at this addon

That does exactly what I'm looking for, thank you.

However, I was hoping to find what specific css edits I could make to force that change manually. Plugins are cool, but it sucks when they don't keep up with the store upgrades. (it's happened more than once).

Hopefully someone has done this already and knows what I should do.


Please PM me URL of the page with subcategory images