Block Bug? Must be Fixed for discount applied stores

prices used to show on every page the same way. (categories, search, related products column, recently viewed etc…)

for example:

retail: $100

Our price: $40

Discounted price: $60

You save: 60%

This used to be achieved with the normal shop catalog discount.

now it only displays on the categories that the discount is applied. but if you make a search then the product only displays original price.

retail: $100

or the products that are outside catalog discount.

you can see it on our website at:

go to Rings category. All fine. now search for anything and it also fine.

But if you select all categories from the search option and search for the same word you will see what i mean.

here are the samples and differences:




bug fix would be needed again i guess.

Then you should probably post this to the bug tracker… This is a community forum and there is no guarantee that anyone from cs-cart will read your post.

oops sorry. i already did but forgot to submit the link.:rolleyes: