Blank White Page Whilst Processing Credit Card Payments

We recently upgraded from 4.0.3 to 4.2.4 and all seems good, except an anomaly when paying by credit card (PayPal pro).

After capturing the card details on the checkout page the customer is redirected to a blank white page… before successfully processing the payment and redirecting to the checkout complete page.

Before the upgrade customers used to be taken to a page that displayed a message that stated something along the lines or ‘placing the order please wait’.

We have had a couple of customers place duplicate orders (and pay by credit card) and we think this is because they think the page has crashed or something has gone wrong.

The white page displays for a few seconds without any message before redirecting.

On PayPal express, there is a message in black text at the top of the page saying connecting to paypal server (which is fine). It is just the credit cards that cause a blank white page.

Any ideas how this can be rectified of how we can get a message on that page.

please try this:

  • disable current payment method for PayPal Pro (method #1);
  • create a new payment method for PayPal Pro (method #2) using the same paypal credentials as method #1;
  • try to place a new order via method #2;

    if method #2 works ok, the problem is inconsistency of after-upgraded database;

    if method #2 is not ok, smth is wrong with files - you should ask CS-Cart support to assist