Blank emails and blank when printing orders

Has this happen to anyone?

All the sudden when we get an order the order email comes out blank.

If we go to admin and orders they are in there, but when we try to print it is also blank and even printing pdf or shipping label. All popup but blank.

Could this be a server side issue? Like something missing on the php.ini? I already contacted the hosting account since they did migrate the account. Still waiting on them.

Was working fine a week ago.

Any guidance would be appreciated


Half fixed

I replaced the mail folder that was missing and now the invoices and email work.

issue is I replaced the mail folder with a 2.04 version and I’m missing the shipping label option to print. i don’t have a mail folder for 2.07 because when my host migrated our site that folder went missing.

If I upgrade to 2.08 will that update the mail folder?

this shows me how important is to do your own backup



I copied this folder from the “var/skins_repository/base” folder from v2.08.