Bitcoin Processor Bitpay Integration

I'm going to jump into digital fiat currency via Bitcoin as an optional checkout method for my customers. I spent a little time checking out half a dozen processors and BitPay looks good due to the number of adopters, fast conversion to local currency, and they are located in the US. BitPay just received an infusion of funding allowing them to hire more employees for software development, etc.

Before I start integrating BitPay into checkout, I want to know if any of you think a different processor would be a better choice. For example, MtGox of Japan.

If anyone has already started integrating a Bitcoin payment processor, let me know as I don't want to duplicate this effort.

I'd probably add this as a payment option on my shop, so i hope you can get it working for cs-cart.

Bitpay was established by the guy that made paypal and also funded by Max Keiser who is the biggest bitcoin pimp out there so it's probably the best one to use. Mt Gox has had trouble of late so wouldn't really trust that site to work consistently.

Will this be a cs-cart update or an add-on?


I'm currently building this and it will be available on CartAddon (

Just give me a week starting today.

Any news on this ?

@Cartaddon, I can't find this on your site.

@SculptingStudio, I can't see that BitPay has a plugin for CS-Cart. Did you manage to integrate it ?

Im still working on it. Thought I could make it in just a week but I have been very busy with other things.

However I could guarantee that it will be done by the end of the month.

Interesting. Will look for it.

How much it gonna cost?

it cost $149

to purchase the addon, please visit the cartaddon site.

its already done. some are already using it. to purchase the addon, please visit

May end up grabbing this.

149 very expensive normally addon is 70 us$ enough

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Still to much IMO. less than 0.5% of the population even use bitcoins.

I installed “CS-Cart BitPay Bitcoin Payment Module” as described in the readme.txt.

“Access Denied” problem was occuried.

Error occurs in our shops config.php file

if ( defined('area') ) die('access denied').

Any comment, welcome.