Bitcoin integration

Does anybody have CSC (any version) working with Bitcoin as a Payment method?

If not, how many are interested in getting Bitcoin working as a payment method?

Not quite, but will do in the next month or so. I currently have an ex-CS-Cart engineer developing this payment method.

Thanks info … it's going to take an ex-CSC engineer a month or so to get this done?

Once done, what do you plan on doing with “your” Bitcoin payment method … sell it or give it out? If you plan on selling it, do you have any idea of the price and the purchase come with an encrypting source code?

In an ideal world, you could put your trust in anybody and everybody. Unfortunately there are those that would exploit that. With that in mind, all paid add-ons will be licensed in such a way that I can monitor the licenses as I believe it is unfair for those who are honest and pay for the licenses they use to pay for something which others (dishonest) do not pay for. It wouldn't make much business sense either for these same reasons too.

A month for developing and fully testing (software versions, server configurations, etc) isn't a bad timeframe. It's taken CS-Cart several years to develop payment methods (as well as other features) which still have bugs. Again, it wouldn't be fair to those who pay or invest their time installing free addons to publish something which doesn't fully work.

As for pricing, it'll most likely be sold on a demand and/or help share the cost basis. More info on that at a later date.

Yes, I am aware of the “plight” of CS-Cart. I have worked for or with several different software companies during my career, but, have never had the “CS-Cart experience” until now … I need to know when I should “freeze” my code (2.x, 3.0 or 3.1) and build upon it … I need stuff done to the “base” CSC code, either through an addon or a hook or whatever.

Anyway, I am willing to split the cost of development with you and if we sell “our” payment method, we both profit. Or I could project it out myself, or I could code it myself (with the help from this Forum and some Bitcoin guru) or I could just wait a month (or so) and purchase it for you.

In any case, I need a CSC Bitcoin Payment method and I need it soon … so you tell me.

Hello I am also interested in the Bitcoin add in as a payment option for customers of my webstore.


Back in februari of this year I remember that your company worked on a bitcoin integration for CS_Cart. I also remember that you planned to offer the integration as per license.

How far is the project now, is it ready to be used in production and if so how can I obtain a license for a store.

Any update?

The information shared in the comment is very nice and helpful.

Thanks for sharing.

We offer BitPay for CS-Cart module. Also we have good experience with GoCoin

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Bitpay is a payment processor for bitcoin. Its not bitcoin itself. The benefit of bitpay is that it pays out the bitcoin value of that moment. The downside is that its not real bitcoin payments. While bitcoin payments are free and in full privacy, bitpay will charge a fee and privacy is lost.