Billing state dropdown is not working

Hi everyone,

I am not sure if this was posted somewhere, I did some search on the forum I found some related problem with the old version.

The problem I am having is that customer are not able to register their billing states on the registration page, some how it is not gets populated are not showing in the dropdown box, but the shipping State/province are ok.

And god knows how many customer they just got frustrated and left the site for that, I am getting phone call from people to register and that's how I found out.

I am running the latest version of cart 2.2.2 but this issue was on 2.2.1 and I looked at the changed log and I notice there was a bug on that and it suppose to be fixed on the 2.2.2 but looks like no luck.

I really appreciated if any body has any input on this situation.

Thank you,


The support did take care of this matter, some my files didn't get updated correctly during the upgrade. Now it is working great. Thank you.