Better Promotions


We find the standard promotions quite restrictive. We need to be able to offers like:

5 Roses for £25 or 10 Heathers for £30 so than when 5 qualifying Roses or 10 qualifying Heathers are placed into the basket the offer is applied, which to the best of my knowledge is not possible as standard. Ideally we would be able to choose the products individually but I think we could live with it based on a category if needs be.

If I could get an idea of the cost that would be great.

Cart Version is 3.0.6



If I understand you right, you can use the wholesale prices feature:

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Please advise

Unless I'm doing something wrong I don't think Quantity Discount will work because we want the offer to work over several products

i.e. Someone should be able to buy

1x Rose A, 1x Rose B, 3x Rose C (or any combination that is 5 Roses in total)

rather than having to buy 5x Rose A, 5x Rose B, 5x Rose C in order to get the reduced price.

Also if the offer was 5 roses for £30, we also wouldn't want the discount to work on say 6 roses for example, each rose after 5 would be sold at full price unless they get up to 10 Roses in the cart.

Thank you for the clarification. I am afraid, additional code modifications are required here.

Why can't you use 2 promotions (one for roses, one for heathers) and then have the “stop processing” box selected so that when one of the other triggers, another won't be applied. Or if you want it to be or/and then just uncheck the further processing box? You can apply that to products in a category or select the specific products for it to be applied to.

What did I miss from your description?