Beta version of the 3.1.1.source code

Hi Guys,

Can you let me know where we can download a beta version of the 3.1.1.source code?

We'e building some storefront templates and addons and need to see how the source code in this version differs from 3.0.4, so we don't waste a bunch of time building stuff that won't be compatible with 3.1.1.


  1. I noticed in the labs version of the cart, that there's a settings area that allows content (images, uploaded files, etc) to be stored in Amazon's S3 storage service. Please confirm with your engineers if this is going to be supported in the next version?

  2. Do you expect 3.1.1 to be released before or after February 2013?



Dear Adrian,

Currently, we cannot provide you with the CS-Cart 3.1.1 source code, but we plan to release beta in the near future. The final release is to be expected not earlier than in February, 2013.

Amazon's S3 support will be available in CS-Cart 3.1.1. It will be possible to use the storage service to handle images, CSS/JS files, and even files of downloadable products.

Thanks Konstantin,

While we're waiting for the BETA release, is there somewhere we can test a fully functional version of the admin?

We tried using the CSS theme editor in the demo, but can't because it's set to 'demo mode'.

If we can get access to a fully functional version, it will allow our designers/developers to start planning for changes to client sites in 2013.