Bestsellers.. I know I know :-)

A few months ago I cleared my bestsellers list using this from the emanual.

Resetting the bestsellers list

To reset the bestsellers list:

Log in to your administrator panel and click on the DB Backup/Restore link in the ADMINISTRATION side box.

Click on the Upgrade center link in the top section.

Enter the following line of the code under the Update database section:

DELETE FROM cscart_product_sales;Click on the Submit button at the bottom. NOTE: The BESTSELLERS side box will not be displayed in your storefront after that because there will be no bestsellers saved in your database. And bestseller statistics will be gathered on the basis of orders that will be placed after that.

I have completed many orders since then and turned bestsellers on and off and still nothing. Any ideas on why it wont show up? Thank you so much!

I am just going to bump this once so I dont bug all of you to death :slight_smile: Is there a table somewhere in some far reach of cscart that handles the bestsellers?

Do you have a bestsellers type box setup in listmania, like it is here.

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Look at the box with TYPE BestSellers

Yes I do and it is enabled under the addons. I used to have bestsellers in there but they never changed since I upgraded. I reset the list and now I cant get anything at all to appear for bestsellers.