Bestsellers addon - not calculated correctly

I believe I found a logic error in this addon.

The table: product_sales has 3 fields:

category_id product_id


I have several Products which are in several Categories:

category_id product_id amount 53 470 244 125 470 244 132 470


The Bestsellers add-on adds the ‘amount’ field together so the above Product #470 is calculated as being sold 732 times when in fact it has only sold 244 times.

Whereas, Product #865 has been sold 639 times:

category_id product_id amount 158 865 639

The way Bestsellers is coded, Product #470 appears to be outselling #865.

Running Multi-vendor V3.

Nevermind … my mistake.

“My issue” with the Bestseller add-on is due to the way I was migrating the data from another shopping cart.