Best Way To Setup E-Mail Marketing + Mailchimp For Gdpr

So I am unsure of the best way to do this as customers quick opt in by a check box or at the bottom of the page. Should double opt in be enabled then in mail chimp settings rather than in the cart?

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On looking at this further mailchimp blog says double opt in only works on their forms - so we have to do it on the cart?


  • Double opt-in can only be enabled for MailChimp signup forms. If you need help with a form integration or the API, contact your developer, or hire a MailChimp Expert."

But then how in mailchimp can we segregate GDRP compliant contacts?

Does the cart record the specifics of double opt in success?

I was thinking of making a profile field which customers can edit on their profile page. This should sync with a field in Mailchimp. Something like that.

What I have gone with for now not using double opt in in any way but have just just enabling 'Tick off by default' in the cart list settings - as this is now a no no pre ticking the box.

Then in mailchimp can segregate to send only to:

1) GDRP confirmed users (for all of the existing ones emailed from mailchimp who confirmed their preferences)

2) Then all users added since the GDRP date as they should only be added to the list if they checked the box themselves or submitted their email address manually - meaning they all definitely opted in..

But I'm not sure this fully fulfills requirements to provide proof of opting in but should surely do the job. I might delete old users in a few weeks who have not updated their preferences in the list and then can just send to the entire but reduced list still going forward.