Best way to set up Albums with individual MP3s

Hi there, I’m new to CS-Cart and I need you help!

My goal is to setup an online store where customers can buy downloadable albums as well as the album’s individual tracks. Do I have to create separate products for each of these or is there a better way to do it?

In magento, you could do this using a “Bundle” product but this type of product seems to be missing from CS-Cart.


There is both bundle products and product configurator of cs-cart

Can you help me out with this or point me in the right direction?

Are bundle products the “Buy Together” addon? I played a bit with it but it seems it’s not quite there yet.

The product configurator also seems to be used more for a single product with multiple options which isn’t really equivalent of a CD.


Toto, (That was a great band by the way!) :cool:

Here is a 3rd party mod that “might” be beneficial to you:


Thanks Struck, that’s pretty close but not quite.

Just imagine you have an album you’re selling, and you can buy the album for say 9.99 but also sell each track individually for .99 cents. On the album page you should be able to buy each track or the album itself without even leaving the page.

So you have a bundle product, the album, made up of the individual mp3 products.

I’m guessing this is just not built into CS-Cart (Should be because it’s extremely simple, like having 1 field in the database that says “parent”) and will require custom programming. I saw someone had already done something custom like this a while ago but their site was down.

Anyone else have experience with this?



ya me too looking for something similar kind of feature

i have products in each category

lets say i want to take products from few category and collect them and make pack/bundle out of it

btw “Buy Together” is almost closer to that

How about a amazon itunes look with a play button next to the track? is that possible? Right now with the cscart configurator you can only have previews in the description…