Best way to manage customized templates for upgrades?


I just recently went through my first upgrade of cs-cart from 2.0.12 - 2.0.13. I forgotten how many templates I made changes to as well as core code and css styles. Before going on to .15 and 2.1 i’m going to be importing a custom style sheet to manage the css part of my custom template. Can I get some suggestions on how to best manage customized template files? Other then keeping diligent notes on files i’m editing and using comments in the source is there anything else I could do to make things more efficient when it comes to upgrading?

I’m also thinking it might be easier to manually upgrade to the latest and apply my style and template changes in the future instead of going through 2 3 or more updates in the admin panel.

Any suggestions is appreciated




See my post here regarding Araxis Merge & Beyond Compare


These programs make updating your custom templates much easier to figure out

Thanks that will come in handy, i also just read about my changes, hooks and another add on looks like i was doing things the hard way, time to clean up my code.

STRONGLY suggest the use of hooks. Here’s an old document that I wrote that is still applicable and will get you started.


It’s based on the “local” addon I provided at the time but the information is applicable to the my_changes addon as well… The ‘local’ addon simply provides some of the base structure where the my_changes addon is basically a place-holder.