Best way to implement Multi-item discount?

What the best way to offer a cheaper price if a customer buys a pack of 5 items? (or even 5+ items)

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

Someone must have done this at some point :frowning:

Not really possible atm.

Perhaps by using the wholesale module.

If your talking about the same product, then yes the wholesale module does exactly that and works a treat.

Not for me it doesn’t :frowning: Maybe I’m doing something wrong

Have a look at this, for example…


It looks OK, but the wrong price is added to the cart. if you see what I mean…

Do you have it set for the correct membership type ?

I have mine set to All and as you can see its working perfect


Mine is set to All too. But I don’t actually have any memberships, except “Administrator”.

When I removed the memberships, it took away the option for customer to select one when registering. I didn’t want people to select a membership[-type. This may be a red-herring.


I see now.

I’m been putting the total value in, instead of the unit cost. Dopey…