Best way to go about a large in-page slider?

Hi guys, what is the best way to utilize a large top slider? I know I can adjust the one on the CS-Cart, but what would be the best way for someone to be able to choose the sliding images and upload new ones? Could they do it from the backend or would they have to FTP the image in? Maybe I might have to custom program a feature that allows them to upload new slider images? I just want advice from people who have dealt with this before for clients.

All suggestions are appreciated…


Don’t know if you mean a carousel. If so, here’s a good link. [url][/url]

You can use one of the sliders at:


Both work really great. I’ve only tested them on 2.1.2, but I doubt they would have any problems with 2.1.3.

With either of these sliders, you just add the image through the banners in the admin. There is no need for ftp, so it is really easy.

Hope that helps,