best vps hardware for cs-cart


i'm use cs-cart v 3.0.2

i'm 9000 products and 6000 visitor in day and 30 user together

plz help me for best hardware for vps ?



Are you looking for a hosting provider?

or requirements for cs cart?

if you are looking for a hosting provider you sould choos one close to your selected target of business.

i am hostet at for europe

By definition, a VPS is a “segment” of a hardware platform.

So the question doesn't make much sense.

I'd guess you're asking for a hardware configuration for a dedicated server.

The answer is a much memory and fast-disks as you can afford. Put your pagefile on a normal rotating disk and put your filesystem on several solid state disks in a RAID 10 configuration.

Cs-cart is very file intensive. So having high speed file access for files that are in contention is critical to a high performing server.

If you are averaging 30 concurrent users then you probably do want dedicated hardware.

or if you have the extra cash, try SSD for your hardware, i have one dedi customized with SSD, freaking fast i would say :)