Best strategy for categories and subcategories for easy product bulk upload?

Hi guys

Whats the best strategie to create a categorie und subcategories to make an easy product bulk upload for vendors and product finding for the customers?

I have analyse the marketplaces and classified sites in my country and its very difficult to make a bulk upload on this sites if you are a vendor with 100+ products. You can upload on this sites a CSV with title and description but you have to define a lot of categories and subcategories and also to upload the pictures manually which makes the full process not comfortable.

What do you think about this strategie if i crate only few categories (like 10 categories with generally topics like Automobile, Fashion…) and some generally Filters (like Price etc.) and implement and index all products that the users works with searchig (like Google) and the vendors have an easy upload process?

Do you think this is a good idea and strategy or will the marketplace be chaotic?

Could be this maybe also a good beginner strategy if i have not so much products in the beginning and later i add more subcategories step by step?

What do you think?