Best shopping cart for recurring billing - CS-Cart or Others?

Hoping to get some help from the community.

I have 3 CS-CART licences and am starting another site that deals with weekly recurring billing for a service. I want to know two things -

  1. Is CS-CART a good option for recurring billing - i.e. is the flow very user friendly for the visitor to make the first (most difficult) purchase?

  2. Does the purchaser have to receive a weekly invoice or can they just receive it the first time?

    I am looking for the best shopping cart option and have heard about Magento and others, but the price tag seems high.

    Any suggestion for best shopping carts for recurring billing would be great.

    Would love to see an example of a few recurring billing CS-CARTS, so if you feel like sharing them, please send the URL's.

    Thanks in advance.