Best Sellers Messed up on Home page after upgrade

Hello All

I’ve just upgrade to 2.0.8 from 1.3.5 and I can’t workout how to disable this bestsellers list on the home page:

Disabling Bestsellers in add ons doesn’t work - I think it is something to do with Listmania being converted to blocks.

How do I get rid of this - It’s killing my layout :frowning:


… and why not to go with 2.0.10?

Actually Guys fixed it by manually editing the db.

UPDATE cscart_blocks SET status = ‘D’ WHERE block_id =2 LIMIT 1 ;

Just in case anyone else had a similar issue, block id may differ.


[quote name=‘Noman’]… and why not to go with 2.0.10?[/QUOTE]

I belive I need to go to 2.0.8 then 2.0.10 if I have an old store.


Actually, rather more alarmingly - My prides are not showing the the front end…