Best Practice - Moving Cs-Cart To New Domain

Am hoping to get advice on what the best practice to move CS-Cart Ultimate to a new domain/folder in the same server.


I currently have CS-Cart installed in, with as a storefront. (under both A and B, there are some sub-domain storefronts as well).

I am planning to move CS-Cart to and have as a storefront. So going forward, my admin panel login will be in

But I also need to change the database name - since the database had domainA in the name, and for consistency, I want to change it to domainB.

Option 1:

I have read the guide: this seems like a simple enough method. However, I have heard of some people who had problems (although they get resolved quite quickly).

Am also worried about what happens to links and the sub-domain storefronts.

Option 2:

I just do a whole new installation of CS-Cart to domainB and rebuild that site from scratch. After which, I can change domainA to now point to the domainB folder.

This takes a lot longer, but only the domainB storefront gets affected while I rebuild - all the other stores can continue to function as normal.

Hopefully people who have moved their stores to a new domain folder would be able to give some advice on the best way to do it - I'd rather take some time to get it done right, than to do a quickfix that causes problems.

I vote for variant 1.

- log in the admin panel and change domain for store-front from to

- open config.local.php and change main domain from to

- delete the var/cache directory (!)

- check the result

Im so sorry putting my issue here but its the only way i found to open an issue in this forum

I had CS-Cart on a domain and i had to move it to new one

I got a full back up and restored it in the new one and changed the config.local.php

everything looks fin i do have my products and site looks ok but any time i click on add to cart i get this error:

"ErrorOops, something went wrong (SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0). Please try again."

I checked the error its like its missing ini.php

this file is available on the server root

am i missing anythihng?