Benefits Of Becoming A Registered Member Text Missing


I was looking to modify the Benefits of becoming a member - add some incentive in the text - you know. I looked at the page and the text beside the registration fields is missing!. My registration fields are also all over on the right side, almost as if the div tags are all missing completely (which of course they are!!)

Of course I checked the text in the language translations for text_profile_benefits

Looking at it in Firebug, the text container isn't there...

Any pointers gratefully received.


This issue requires examination on your server. Please contact us via Help Desk, so we can examine the issue in more detail.

Please make sure that the Profile information block is enabled on the Profiles layout page

eCom - fantastic advice - many thanks.

I didn't have a profiles block (doh!!) but as soon as I added it, presto!

Thanks again :-)

You are welcome. We are always glad to help.