Been Approved for QB merchant services need help installing

I been approved for them am cancelling payjunction since they charge me double fees once thru them then the bank itself at least with QB only have one place one bill and 60 days free of charges .

Which helps me out but here is the issue I dont know how to go about getting this installed correctly to work can anyone give me the help to get this set up ?

Thanks in advance

This looks helpful:


I got to the point where im stuck and loosing sleep over it cause i do not understand what CSR is all about

not everyone likes to use paypal that is why this is important for me to get going i wish someone would step up the plate and help me on this

someone that knows what they are doing with creating csr 's and understands what the cart needs to be able to interlink with quickbooks merchant services

i rather if someone contact me by phone to walk me thru this

or msn messenger