I would like to send with each customer mail for a specific event (in this was "order shipped") a email in bcc (this triggers an automatic email for shop reviews 7 days after that mail). But where can I do this?

Thnky for your help!


(MV 4.11.4)

It is not possible out of the box. Additional code changes are required

You can use our EZ Auto Mailer addon: https://ez-ms.com/auto-mail.html

Docs are at: https://ez-ms.com/docs/auto_mail.pdf

It will let you send a transactional email some number of days after an order is changed to specified statuses. It also handles form inquires, new profiles, abandoned carts, etc.

I really would like to add this feature without an addon. @ecomlabs: could you handle this for me?

Yes, we can make this modification for you on the paid basis. But the solution from @tbirnseth will be cheaper

ist the addon not a little bit "overdone" because I need only the standard mail to the customer (status: shipped) also sent to a fix email in bcc?

You can enable/disable whatever features you want and not setup any automatic admin tools. You might find over time that you use more and more of it's features if you are interested in regularly maintaining your site. Hard to spend less and have so many options....