Batch Import with Downloadable Files

1.) I try to import products with downloadable files and the files show up as a file tab in the product description with the file being able to be downloaded without payment. I have to manually go in and reenter all the information using the file area of the admin to make that tab disappear and this to work. Problem is I have current over 350 products and shortly will have 200 more. Anyway to batch import files without having to go in one by one and manually enter the information?

2.) Anyway to have a default license agreement so I also do not have to go in and enter one by one?

Thanks much,


In case anyone else runs into this issue.

If you’re trying to import a list of files for downloadables and you see the file tab show up, go into the MySQL via PHPMyAdmin and change the Preview to Null. Then it goes. :slight_smile:

Hey did you find a way to have a default license agreement? I’m having to go through each one of my products, after importing through a csv file, and add the agreement with changing the max downloads and activation mode. Very annoying when you have hundreds of products to import. Anybody have a fix? :confused: