Batch Import Quits After 170 Products

I have a CSV file that contains about 1200 products. For some reason, when I go to import the file, it quits after hitting about 170 or so.

I suppose I could break it up into 6 or 7 files and do it in stages, but that's a total pain. The product ID is present on all products, so that can't be it.

Any suggestions?


That should be no problem if you have decent hosting.

I've been doing lots of imports and exports for months trying to get my site ready. I can tell you most the drawbacks with the system.

For example today I made the mistake of not only using the field “price” as the last field in a csv via but the bigger mistake was I set it to “0”. I didn't notice and spent a hours or so trying to workout why all my products had “contact us for price” instead of the price. The are 3 places in the import to add a price and they are all different.

Another issue if if you export images and you've entered the ALT for them, that is exported with a “;” semicolon. Sure enough the must be many people who then go on to import the edited file leaving that in and using the charactor as the seperator.

But perhaps the most annoying aspect is the is no visual validation. I've used a lot of carts and most do a validation and show a simple table of how they see the file your trying to import. And as you've proberbly found, cs-cart doesn't even tell you if the import succeeded, all you get is a ajax flash and to see that you have sit watching fr it because it disapears of the page like some magic act.

I contact cs-cart last week about the problems with the system. Another example, what to import combinations ? well you'll have first export the products to get the “product ID”, but what don't just copy of the column because the combinations file expect you to use that field as I just typed it but the export gives you “product id”.

How about images ? import them using backup, cs-cart exports them as /backup/detailed

Just touched the surface of annonce.