Basic "Get and Display Text" from elsewhere question

I know - or at least think this is a simple one and am a bit embarrassed to ask but …

I can insert an image stored elsewhere into a text description.

How can I do the same with text?

What I wanted to do was create some repeating text that is part of a description for 30 different items.

Save it in a special folder on the server that I would make just for this purpose.

And then in the actual description for an item just call up this chunk of text.

I was also hoping to use this for other text as well. For example call us now on 123 open between 1 and 2 to discuss this product with an agent.

I could then easily change the opening times in future etc and also set it to a null state - so that nothing is displayed.

So someone please …

What would I need to use to create the text - I assume any HTML editor.

Do I have to save it with a certain extension?

I assume I can save it anywhere within the file system.

What do I then do in FCK editor to display it.

I know it is embarrassing - I was modding a template today - pretty basic stuff - but then have this gap in my knowledge.


In case it is of any use to any one else - what other people have told me - I have not tried it yet but …

Your webhosts definitely support PHP so if I were you I’d use that. It

probably supports sHTML as well, but as your site is already very

dependent on PHP you may as well stick to that technology. In terms of

complexity doing what you want is about the same in PHP as sHTML (it’s

basically one line of code in each). But - if for some weird reason your hosts don’t support sHTML then things

would quickly get complex and, as I said, we know for sure they support

PHP. - as you sort various things out on your site you’re going to have to

learn bits and bobs of PHP, so you might as well see this project as an

example of such a bit or bob which might be useful to you later.

I haven’t checked you man’s explanation of how to do the job in PHP, but

here’s a link which seems to explain it fairly well:


It is, basically, very very simple ie


It is possible to do it but is slightly more complex than with images as
straight HTML isnt able to do it.

What you are looking to do is have an include file which simply contains
the text to place in each place, this can be done with sHTML, ASP,
ASP.Net, PHP etc but you would need to check with your webhosts which
your hosting supports and consider the search engine implications if you
are forced to change your file extensions (though you can remap the
current extension to the correct language/ framework with some hosts)


It is fairly easy to do even with sHTML the "problem" is that it just
wasnt thought of when HTML was and by the time it was PHP and ASP etc
had already taken off and so people moved to them given all the other
capabilities they give rather than a mass migration to sHTML.

Most of the changes to the web have been evolution rather than
revolution which is why we still have many quirks in the system.

Well a first quick look has not worked. So maybe it is going to be harder - again - than I thought.

Has anyone here managed to do this?