Basic CSS Edits/HTML edits in CSCart 3


I’m new to CSCart and I’ve been reading up a good bit on the documentation provided, and also trawling through Google for anything that will help me but unfortunately this is my first time using Smarty so I’m not really sure what to do,

Basically what I want is to add a container around the main body of the template and change the background colour of the body to green so it should look something like this

I’ve gone in to /web/cscart/stores/1/skins/basic/customer and edited the styles.css file so the body code has that background colour however nothing appears to happen on the site, I’m left with the default look of the basic template.

The weird thing is when I enter customisation mode it looks similar to above? Also when I’m viewing the page source of a page on CSCart the style sheet is linked to somewhere like /web/cscart/var/cache/templates/css.

I’m just a bit confused at the moment so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Try clearing cache when making any changes by adding &cc to the end of your admin url


That worked, Thank you very much John!

Best thing to do while developing your site is turn off the cache system. To do this simply click on Development Mode in the bottom right of the Admin Area. It sounds backwards, but it will say Live Mode while you are in Development Mode. While it says Live mode the cache system is disabled so you never have to do a &cc

Switch it back when you are ready to go Live (it will say Development Mode).