base price is configurable at one place


In CS-cart is this possible to configure price at one go??

E.g. I am selling silver jewelry and final price depending on below criteria…

  1. Base price of Silver per day
  2. Making charges of that product

    But here base price always change so can I do those changes at one place so all item's price change accordingly ??

    Is this achievable in CS-Cart? Please let me know.

    In addition to that I have other products (like garments) which has static price in my website.

Not 100% sure what you mean BUT

Say you have a bracelet that is

$20 for 6 inch

then plus $2 for each other inch.

Set your product options as a percentage higher for each extra option, 8 inch, 10 inch etc etc, then when you use BULK EDIT for updating the base price each day the options will still update by % of the base

To use a real-time market price of silver as a base price, then to add your amount to it for each product would require some custom development. You will need either a real-time source of the price of silver (to be updated each day) or an admin interface to allow you to update it. Then you need the actual code that will take that base_price and adjust the pricing of each product to set the new price.

I'm assuming this is on a product by product basis and that NOT everything you sell would be based on the base price.

An addon that allowed you to specify the “added value” to a base silver price for each product, coupled with a daily update of the price of silver could give you what you need. If you have a large number of products, then you would also probably need “import” support for setting the 'added value' price in the products.

If you would like a quote for this work, please click the Get A Quote link in my signature and provide all your specific requirements. We'll be happy to give you a fixed bid price for this work.

I like to to have some variable amount (let say per gram price is x I sent in system) i set in system

Now based on items weight (1 - 10 gram) it will multiply with it…

so for all products new price will be Weight * Baseprice (x)