Bar code/Ticketing MOD


I would like a quote from a developer that can create the mod described below"

I have a travel website and I’m thinking of setting up a section to sell Shows/Events Tickets. I want the customer to be able to select Mail Delivery for his tickets or Electronic tickets, in which case, I will need an addon with the following features:

1- option to turn on and turn off the bar code feature depending on the product (I don’t sell just tickets…)

2- populate one bar code per ticket, if 10 tickets bought, then 10 bar codes. Ask for a customer name for each barcode/ticket (at the checkout level?)

3- The bar code will contain this info about the purchase : Customer name, venue, product options selected by customer : (date, time, etc…)

4- In the printout, all the info will show along with the bar code : name of customer, venue, options he chose (date, time, etc…) + bar code. Also, if 10 tickets bought, then 10 printouts…