Banner size


I'm using V4 and for the last few hours I can't figure out, where the banner size and Logo size is declared. When I upload the image it is auto-resized to some random 470x125px (original 940x250px).

Can anybody give some hint? I want to keep the original size… (I'm new to Cs-cart)

I have tried

  1. google
  2. debug console
  3. dig through sorce

    best regards


The banner image will automatically resize to the maximum width of the Grid in which the banner block is assigned to. Check under Design>Blocks (or 'Layouts' in V4), you will find a Block which is for the banners. Click the cog icon on the Grid which the Block is within, you will find a Width value between 1 and 16.

To obtain a width of 940px, the banner block must be within a grid which is 16 wide, as well as this grids parent grid (if exists) must also be 16 wide.

Edit: Duplicate of above post. Didn't type fast enough!

Thanks for the answer unfortunately it was not the issue. The problem was with “HiDPI displays support” add-on. I just disabled it and everything now is int the right size.