Bank Processing Payment module and languages

Hi All

Has anyone managed to tweak a payment module supplied by CS cart as standard, to pass the language the site is being viewed in, across to the payment processing page.

I see CS Cart has 2 filds (Eng, & English) for the language selection.

In my payment module there is not language selection bit of code. My bank supplied a ServiRed php file, but it looks very different to the CS Cart ServiRed file. The language in the bank supplied php file, is selected by 001 for English, or 002 for Spanish.

Does anyone know how to pass the language in CS into the payment module in CS?

Any help would be brilliant. Many thanks.

i posted a solution here user language in payment module - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums

for servired.php around line123 add

//language spanish = 001; english = 002;
if (CART_LANGUAGE == "EN") {
$user_language = 002;
} else {
$user_language = 001;

then also in the html output below add

not fully tested but should work

Hi all,

I am trying to configure a bbva tpv. I have a script that sends the info to the tpv and the payment is accepted but i really don´t know how could i manage the tpv server response to the cart in order to show the customer the correct message (accepted, denied…) and mark the transaction as paid in the cart.

Thank you all, gracias majos!