Banging my hurts

CAn anyone tell me where to edit the text that prints on the invoice/email/

I have tried skin/…mail/invoice tpl etc and get no changes, am I doing something wrong, all I want to do is reduce the font size on the shipping and billing address it is way to big.

Help stop me banging my head it hurts.:wink:



There are different areas. You have to look at the email function in that particular case, it gets passed a link to the body template. However, the dynamic text is generated before that…

You can do 2 things:

  1. Edit the array before it goes out to smarty.
  2. Find that particular email body template and edit it.

    Function to watch for is “fn_send_mail” Do a text search on PHP files in the root of cart dir.

    BTW, banging your own head never brings results, always bang someone else’s.

look for {$lang.[COLOR=Red]variable[/COLOR]}

[COLOR=Black]Search for “variable” via “Content” → “Languages”[/COLOR]

I might suggest you paste an extract of what you are attempting to accomplish (screen shot and circle it) as the invoice template, such as billing and shipping can be disastrous if there’s a typo

Text I want to reduce is circled thanks guys.

@ Texasguy, will remeber the headbanging advice:)


Did you clear cache after changes?

I know its a bad habit I have but yes I did and browser cache.


Ok, are you changing that TPL in a correct skin directory?

What exactly do you want to change? What you have circled in your example, the information comes from 3 or 4 different places.

just the size of the text which I have circled, I am trying to make it smaller.

It should be right there in invoice.tpl. Look for the code like this:

To start, you could change 12px to 10px. If that’s too small, go back up to 11px. You may also want to remove [COLOR=“Red”]text-transform: uppercase; [/COLOR] so it will print in lowercase instead of all caps. The style code is in there several times so you’ll have to fix all instances of it.