Bad IP reported by

I was hoping someone here might know why my best friend is receiving this error message n a blank page when he tries to view my website:

“Your IP [173.52.92.***] is being reported as a bad IP by

This had happened to him not too long ago, and somehow i was able to find a website and enter his ip in which cleared it and fixed the problem…atleast for him.

My biggest concern is that its happening to other people who are unable to make me aware or simply going elsewhere. Any insight on this would be aappreciated, I’ve already contacted my host to seek support.

Thanks in advance.

Black Lists are created for IP addresses that are related to spam activity and/or systems that are known to have viruses that can contaminate other sites. Normally spam activity is “graylisted” versus “blacklisted”.

There is no ‘dnsbl’ reference in the standard cs-cart. I’m assuming that you have subscribed to and use the ‘anti_fraud’ addon which is probably checking each IP access to your store against a variety of black/gray listed databases.

Suggest you contact the provider of the service that is doing the lookup for you to identify the criteria they use for blacklisting an IP.

Your friend’s computer is more than likely infested with a known virus and your site is being protected from this virus. Have them do a full virus scan of their computer.