Backup Your Data!

I guess I’m saying this because just this week I’ve lost 300Gb of Data on my two harddrives/hard discs.

For the sake of the greater good I would suggest all store owners backup their database and files and download them to somewhere secure (ie DVD)

300Gb = 72 hours of recovery time for me, so imagine how much time and data you’re going to lose accumulating customers, orders, products, prices, stock etc etc…

Oh… and 2 new HDD’s have put me back $350 so imagine the costs not to mention the time starting afresh?

Thanks for the reminder.


Amen Jesse. I am a back up freak myself. One of my CS-Cart clients consistantly blows his categories tables and if I didn’t do a back up for him, he’d be in deep doo-doo.

Thank you, I forgot to backup my data on the site today.

Also I need to get an external drive. I would cry if I ever lost all the pictures of our baby since her birth. It’s backed up in two drives but you never know!!!