Backup Cron Job Exclude Tables


I saw in backup section this cron and I have 2 questions,

php /path/to/cart/admin.php --dispatch=datakeeper.backup --p --backup_database=Y 
--backup_files=Y --dbdump_tables=all --dbdump_data=Y --extra_folders[]=var/files 
--extra_folders[]=var/attachments --extra_folders[]=var/langs

1. In the example shows how to backup a specifiek, but is the any way to use --dbdump_tables=all but exclude some tables? If yes how to exclude them?

2. I read in a forum that for large databases the command --quick help to back without affect the CPU load, is tha true and can I use it?

Hello sioulisn

1. You should user option --ignore-table

2. This is good idea

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thank you for the answer!

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