If a article is not avaible then the discount is set to -1(minus 1) in the admin status.

Where can i find this in mysql?

Because if i change the amount higher 50 or lower say 20 then this is not changed and is still on -1.

Please help, so i can set the order as compleet.


No one who can help me?

If i change in de admin 'payment ok' to anything else then the 'backorder notice' is comming up.

The article has a great vollume ans is not minus in the admin.

Still the program give a -1 to this article.

The Q is where can i find it in the Mysql to change this?


Stil no One who can help me on this.

I cant finish a compleet order to status 'compleet' and if i do this the status is set on 'backorder' insteed of 'compleet'.

Where to find this in MySql the status say -1 on the article and the article ammount is over 50.

I get crazy of this.

A next order placed who whas compleet, working well and i can set the status to 'compleet'.

Update the quantity in the product detail to be greater than zero or turn off inventory tracking for that product.

Hi tbirnseth,

I have set inventory tracking off and set the status 'compleet' and yessss is ok now.

So simple that i do not think on this.

Thx a lot.