Is there a way to set up the system to keep track of Backordered items/orders? I notice the items says backorder on site but in the back end under orders is shows a status of Open and not back order?

Is there a way if an order has several items and 1 is on backorder, can it show on the invoice?

Trying to clarify your question/issue.

Are you saying that if you have an order with 3 items and one is backordered that you want the whole order to be flagged as backordered?

If not, then there used to be an option that let you show products to customers that were not in stock but NOT allow them to add zero (or less) inventory to the cart. In reviewing current Settings, this now seems to be gone. So I'd suggest if you don't want customers to see out of stock products that you uncheck the "Show out of stock products:" setting in the General settings area.

Unfortunately, I only sell electronic products so don't have actual experience with this. But I'm sure there are others here who can advise you on the administrative side of things. Personally I would not expect a backordered product to be added to the cart.

Thanks for the info. Is there a way to see a list of people or products that has been check off " To notify when they are back in stock"?

Info is stored in the cscart_product_subscriptions table.


That only lists all products and the number of subscribers. I think what he was looking for (though it becomes increasingly unclear) is a list of subscribers and the products they are waiting on. Kind of the inverse of this list or the ability to exclude all zero subscribers from the list. There doesn't seem to be a parameter for "subscribers > 0".

Best you can do is sort by subscribers.