backing up

is backing up to another place on the server safe enough? should i back up to myown computer? how would i do that? i dont see a place to tell it where to go. would i go to my server management area and downlolad from there?

thanks alot

backup off site, ie, another computer, home computer…just not your server.

[quote name=‘ETInteractive’]backup off site, ie, another computer, home computer…just not your server.[/QUOTE]

i dont see a way to do that from the cart itself, unless im missing something. i take it then i would go to my server and get the backed up files from there,

ok, i clicked on the file name and it asked me what i wanted to do so i saved it on my computer. is this the way to do it?


its a server backup, from your cpanel…its not a cart thing…do you have a control panel for your site? should be a backup process there.

If you run that, usually creates a backup file .tgz on your server, which you then need to ftp to your local computer.

it depends on your hosting company, but thats how cpanel works.

okay, yes i do have a backup on my admin at my web host site but it dosnt back up my data base, so i was told,

so then what is the backup utility in the admin of the cart?

I use a phpscript called phpbackup that seems to work pretty well. It will email you your db backyups and upload them to a remote ftp. The only problem that I see with it is that nothing gets encrypted durring the transfer.

i opened ujp the ziped file that i backed up using the cart backup and it had my products in there