background color and picture


how can i change the color of the background or to add image background?

how can we change the category menu design (color or custom design) ?

we tried changing according to the knowledge base and other post here in the forum but its seems like we are doing something wrong

we are using the cs-cart 3.02 comuinity


background image under the menu styles.css line 459

.main {

background: url(“images/central_bg.png”) repeat-x scroll center top #FFFFFF;


It is a 1 px width image that repeats it self. So if you want you can replace it with a similar one ore make an image but then loose the repeat-x. Also watch out for the color #ffffff.

Menu is another thing, and you defenetly need some css knowledge for that. Better ask for a profesional to do that.


thank you so much

its working

Glad to Be of Assistance