Backend Product Search

Why no options for search match in admin backend?

v3 had: exact, any, or all

   <select name="match"><br />
    <option value="exact" {if $search.match == "exact"}selected="selected"{/if}>{$lang.exact_phrase}</option><br />
    <option value="any" {if $search.match == "any"}selected="selected"{/if}>{$lang.any_words}</option><br />
    <option value="all" {if $search.match == "all"}selected="selected"{/if}>{$lang.all_words}</option><br />
   </select><br />

```<br />
I set default selected to "exact" in v3<br />
<br />
v4 defaults to "exact match", but that's not so good when doing a Full Description search in the Advanced Search form.<br />
I'm looking in:<br />
```<br />
<br />
I'm looking at Demo Store Backend, and no search match options there either.

You can use our free Search Improvements add-on. It has many options and allows to define product search type for the admin panel (All of these words, Any of these words or Exact phrase)