Backend order edit


using CS-Cart 2.0.4 we found a major problem which is happening when editing an order, changing an option or anything else, we are sent to the following step and so on, and at the final step, it’s asking to pay for the order again.

Doesn’t make sense when we just want to change/edit some options of the order.

Does anybody have any solution for that?

Thanks a lot

Precision: this is happening when payment was made by CC or Paypal, asking to pay again, when we don’t want the customer to pay again

HI samsam92, if the order have been paid already, and the status of the order is already in the “paid” stage. After you edit the order, at the last step, you can just click on “save order” without checking the “notify customer” box , and not click on the “save and process order”.

It will save and update the order accordingly but not send an email to your customer, and also will not go on to the payment processing portion.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your answer but it doesnt work in our case.

Even if an order is marked as
completed and paid by an online CC processor, editing the product options that were ordered, will lead following the steps to the payment page asking to enter the credit card info and process it. If no CC info is there, then it will prompt for some CC info when we dont want to have to pay again for the order, and just change the product options.

I am not sure if its clear, it might be confusing but its a pretty annoying situation functionality issue to fix unless I missed something.

Any clues?

Thanks a lot