Back Up of Local Install

This local install lark is fantastic for making lots of changes to my site (and general learning) but I am not 100% sure what I should be backing up or the best way to do it and I would hate to lose a couple of weeks work.

I was going to do regular within machine backups and then occasional offsite back ups using a pendrive and putting onto a machine that is elsewhere,

I am running the local install under xampp.

I assume that I need to back up the database - which I can do from phpmyadmin but there must be a folder where all this data is located which would be a faster back up. Does anyone have any ideas where this might be - or am I wrong in my understanding and data is being stored “all over” and then brought together.

I also assume that unless I have been changing templates then it is ONLY the database that I need to back up. But again this may be another misunderstanding on my part.

Enlightenment would be great. Thanks

There is a folder with the database under C:\xampp\mysql\data but the files have weird extensions so I don’t backup that way. I feel the best way is to use the phpmyadmin. It shouldn’t take very long to make the backup and if you do it this way you can allways use the data elsewhere.

As for the files, you can always do the old copy / paste method on your computer. I guess if you really wanted to be sure not to loose any changes you could create a backup of your files and then overwrite the backuped files as you make the changes. By doing this you would ultimately have 2 full backups of your store.


But I could just back up the data folder - even if the extensions are weird ?

Is all the data in that data folder - well actually a sub folder within data ?

You know what back up is like the faster it is the more it is done!