Awaiting Ipn Using Paypal Express With A Payflow Pro Account

I've been dealing with cs cart for a few weeks trying to get my paypal setup and they did spend quite a bit of time troubleshooting but eventually gave up and gave me this as a solution. Opening a second paypal account is certainty not an option.
As far as I understand, when using PayFlow Pro account for the PayPal express checkout payment method, IPNs are not sent from PayPal, that is why order status is not changed. And it seems, requests of such payments should go to different URLs then requests of the standard PayPal express checkout. I am afraid, Express Checkout with Payflow Pro account may work incorrectly in CS-Cart, since it is a different method than used in PayPal Express checkout processor.

Since you need PayPal payment method, which allows to pay via PayPal accounts, I recommend using a standard PayPal Business account from for the PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal processors in CS-Cart.
I'm hoping to find a developer that can help me with this, here is the situation.
I have a paypal payflow pro account.
I want to receive payment on cs cart with both credit cart and paypal transfer.
So far doing some tests, i'm able to setup the paypal express processsor in cs cart, i'm receiving the payment, but the status stays open, with this Accepted, awaiting ipn for processing (FeeAmount: 2.00, TaxAmount: 0.00, TransactionType: cart, PaymentType: instant)
I'm also able to setup the payflow pro processsor, this only lets me accept payments with CC. i receive the payment, the status gets updated properly, but however, the payment comes into paypal in CAD funds, despite being setup in USD everywhere in cs cart (and the express payment came in properly as USD). I contacted paypal, they told me my default currency is USD (but it is a canadian account).
While doing another test, i had turned on IPN in my paypal account, when checking out using paypal express, my status got updated properly, but paypal kept on sending me emails saying the ipn url was wrong and they would turn off the option if i didn't fix it. cs cart was not able to provide me with a valid url.
Can anyone please help?
To summarize
#1 fix the status update when receiving a paypal transfer payment
#2 fix the currency when receiving a cc through payflow pro