Avail Until mod

[quote name=‘ogia’]I just found an issue with the Avail Until mod when doing a bulk update. If I attempt to change the Avail until date, it remains unchanged and the Avail since date is changed instead. [/QUOTE]

Sorry - I had a bug in there. In /skins/basic/admin/views/products/update.tpl, look for ```php date_avail_holder_ ``` in one of my changes and replace it with ```php date_avail_until_holder_ ```I’ve updated the first post with the correct code.


Thanks, Glen!!

Vidan - and anyone else looking for a way to update product status in conjunction with the Avail Until mod - check out my solution: product status toggle for ‘Avail Until’ mod

Will this work with the latest version of cs-cart 2.2.3?


This was exactly what i was looking for! :-D Huge thanks for this code, does it work for CS-Cart 2.2.4?