Automatically notify affiliates....

when an order is placed off their affiliate link? My client (the site owner) refuses to log in to the admin section of the script at all. And, of course, he doesn’t want to pay anyone to do it either.

He has affiliates that are constantly asking me if a sale from their customers has gone through because they are not notified.


I can’t get him to pay any more for modifications or hacks, so I’m looking for a straight forward way to do it.

I would use the distributor add-on for this, but then he would have to calculate affiliate commissions manually and he’s in the same boat.

Dear ticeholdings,

do you mean that affiliates don’t receive notifications by e-mail about show banners, clicks and so on?

No, the affiliates are not notifed when a customer that they refer places an order and they are due a commission.

The site owner doesn’t ever log in to the site, I had done this and kept reminding him that the time for him to take over the everyday management was fast approaching and then it passed, so I turned it over to him, ready or not.

I’m asking if there is a way that the affiliates can be notified automatically if an order is placed using their affiliate code without having to log in themselves, e.g. email


Dear ticeholdings,

Unfortunately, CS-Cart version 2.1.3 Professional doesn’t have such a possibility.

Regards, Alt-team

An extension to the order status notification boxes could be done to add a “notify supplier”. The difficulty I think you’re going to run into is that you probably only want to notify them of their particular items and nothing about the customer who purchased or other items in the order, correct?

So you’d also have to design a new mail template that would do what you want. I would guess (without detailed review) that it would take someone with experience about 10 hours to develop and test with proper requirements and a sample document for the mail.

But there is nothing in the standard cart that does what you are wanting. Granted, one could say that it’s an incomplete feature. But buy the time you got enough user voice votes to get someones attention, we’ll be at version 42.6.9… :slight_smile: